Our Chairwoman

Kathy Sparrow Our Chairwoman

Kathy Sparrow was unanimously elected Chairwoman of the Hancock County Central Committee in April 2016, and unanimously re-elected in April 2018. Her top priority has been encouraging voters to become more informed, and better able to engage in the political process. She has striven to improve communications between the Hancock County Republican Party, the voters of our county, and our legislators.
Kathy grew up in a Democrat/Union family, and moved to Illinois in 1983. As a young adult she became very aware that the Democrat Party did not represent her beliefs, or her values . . . such as giving the government less control, supporting our right to bear arms, and her deep respect for life. . . all life. She believes that it is not enough to have values, but we need to practice and promote their growth. One of the big ways that we can make a difference is by supporting candidates who share the values, and helping them get their voice out in this County

Kathy graduated from John Wood Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Information Management. She became involved in politics as a matter of necessity, in staying true to her faith and values. In 2008 Kathy had the opportunity to work on a campaign for a statewide candidate. Shortly after that, Committee Chairman Robert Ziegler asked her if she’d be willing to serve on the Precinct Committee. She gleaned more knowledge and ability as she became more and more involved. She has helped get good Christian men and women elected to many different County and State offices. Kathy works to get legislators to Hancock County . . . whether it is to speak at a Republican Dinner, or just to sit down and have coffee with voters.
Kathy believes that if we are going to get the State of Illinois heading in the right direction, we must make the effort to get Conservative candidates into office. Our success is vital to the success of Illinois, and our small Rural County has a bigger voice when we unite.

Kathy has been married to her husband Rod for thirty-one years, and is the mother of three boys, step-mother to two girls, and grandmother of fifteen. She is an active member of the Warsaw Assembly of God Church. She enjoys camping with her family, and her beloved dog Tucker.

She believes that it is best to greet life with a positive attitude, and believes in the power of prayer. However, we must all do our part, not just in word, but in deed as well. Hard fought success is the sweetest kind.