Thomas Rodgers

Hancock County Board District 3: Bear Creek, Chili, Rocky Run-Wilcox, St. Albans, Walker and Warsaw Townships

Tom has lived in Warsaw since 2005. His wife and him moved there after he retired to be closer to their daughter’s family and their grandchildren. They have two other children.

During his teen years he delivered newspapers, worked summers as a farm hand, clerked in a hardware store and lumber yard, and even dug ditches on a construction crew.

Tom worked his way through college with summer jobs and the help of his parents.  He earned a B.S. in Accounting from Tennessee Tech.  By then the Vietnam War was heating up and he was drafted, but he fooled them and joined the Navy!

The Navy sent him to Newport, Rhode Island, to Officer Candidate School, then to Athens, Georgia to Navy Supply Corp School. There he met his wife, Patricia.  After completing his active service obligation, he worked for a short time for Ernst and Ernst Public Accountants, West Clock Watch Company.  Then he was hired by Westinghouse Small Power Transformer Plant in South Boston, Virginia, to set up a cost accounting system on the new IBM-360 computer.  Working closely with the Information Systems Department, he became interested in computer programing.  He switched departments and finished his thirty years as a Systems Analyst/Data Base Administrator.  Along the way he earned a MBA from Virginia Tech.

While buying some materials to fix up the old house they live in, Tom met Bob and Doug Hartrick and they offered him a job. So now he is back where he was in high school, working part-time in a lumber yard.

Tom became interested in local government last year when word got out that the County Board was planning to close the Ambulance Service in Warsaw. This was very concerning. Tom along with many others from the western part of the county went to several board meetings to question this.  While it is true that Carthage is physically located centrally, the center of Hancock County Ambulance District is actually two miles north of Basco.  And it is also true that 50% of the population is located in the western part of the county.  What surprised Tom was no one on the board seemed to be concerned about that.  I was surprised by the County Board members that were not knowledgeable about the Ambulance Service, and the issues that had been going on for some time. So, when asked to run for a Hancock County Board seat, I accepted.

Thomas (Tom) Rodgers
615 Crawford Street
Warsaw, IL 62379
Landline: 217-256-3435
Cell: 217-617-1293